Conditions of Use

This ammunition is produced for firearms in good condition and originally chambered for this cartridge. Make sure barrel is free from any obstructions. Keep out of reach of children. Always wear ear and eye protection. Always point firearm in safe direction at all times. Discharging firearm in poorly ventilated area, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury.

We use premium grade powders and components to ensure and to obtain the best consistency and accuracy. This product is NEW or REMANUFACTURED ammunition. Any warranty of product may be void if the firearm is not in the original condition from the factory.  Any modifications to firearm or ammo will void any type of warranty and the ability for Precision ONe Ammuntion to warranty the product or anything associated with the product.  We have used reasonable care to manufacture this ammunition. Use at your own risk and make no other warranty, expressed or implied.

Know the laws of your state before purchasing any ammunition or supplies from Precision ONe Ammunition. We will not be held responsible for any illegal purchasing or delivery.

Purchasing requirements:

Ammunition buyer must be over the age of 21 years to purchase pistol ammo and rifle ammo, and never have been convicted of a felony or adjudicated as mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution. All state, local and federal laws apply. By placing an order on this website you certify that you can legally purchase, receive and own ammunition. Please do not purchase if you are prohibited from buying this item in your area. Any cancellations due to shipping restrictions or lack of age verification (id or sometype of proof of age may be asked and verified…usually sending us a copy of ID.) may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 18% (minimum of $5.00).


No ammunition will be shipped to the cities of Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco, CA. For now the rest of California is okay to purchase from us providing that there are no local laws in your area restricting ammunition sales and purchasing. Californians, it is your responsibility to be aware of local laws. No Shipments to Massachusetts, New York, or Washington D.C. or Chicago, IL unless it is shipped to an FFL dealer.  All other IL residents must provide a FOID card. We cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii as transportation of ammunition by Air is prohibited by law in 49CFR. If you are a resident of one of these areas please do not attempt to purchase. Our system charges credit cards when the order is placed and if you make a purchase and are from an area listed above your order will be canceled and refund will be less up to 18% fee to cover the costs of moving funds from your account to ours and then back to yours.


State Shipping Restrictions Are Below

Please note that we legally are not allowed to ship to the following states, counties or cities:

Massachusetts, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington D.C., and Cook County, Illinois. Outside of Cook county, anyone in Illinois must provide their FOID card (Firearm Owners ID).

California Residents

Must be shipped to an FFL or Licensed Ammunition Vendor, NO Tracers, No magazine over 10 rounds.

New York Residents

No magazines over 10 rounds
Ammunition can only be shipped to a licensed FFL (federal firearms license) dealer.

Connecticut Residents

Must provide Pistol Permit or Ammunition Eligibility Certificate. No Magazines over 10 rounds

Colorado Residents

No Magazines over 15 rounds

Maryland Residents

No magazines over 10 rounds

New Jersey Residents

Must provide NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card. No magazines over 10 rounds