Mission and Vision

Hot Brass LLC is dedicated to creating a welcoming and empowering environment for women in the world of pistol and rifle shooting.


About Us

Hot Brass Ammunition wants women to feel comfortable, confident and in control while participating in pistol and rifle target shooting. Women will experience a sport that offers opportunities to strengthen their confidence to take on new challenges and to enhance their ability to stay in control in an active environment.

Hot Brass sees opportunities in the firearm industry to offer products in an emerging female market segment - novices and markswomen. Opportunities exists to offer products that are specifically designed for women to enhance their experience in pistol and rifle markswomenship.

  • Women's needs have only been superficially answered by the firearm industry.
  • Women believe they need to adapt to the man's firearm world in order to fit into the target shooting culture.
  • Women also have the misperception that firearms are only for self-defense.

These misunderstandings are opportunities to introduce the intangible benefits of the sport through our product lines. Hot Brass Ammunition and Hot Brass™ Sporting Apparel will provide women the means to experience the rewards that come from markswomanship.