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Hot Brass LLC is committed to developing products specifically designed for women, enhancing their overall experience in pistol and rifle marksmanship.

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About us

Hot Brass Ammunition aspires to empower women, fostering a sense of comfort, confidence, and control in their participation in pistol and rifle target shooting. We embrace a sport that not only strengthens confidence to tackle new challenges but also enhances the ability to maintain composure in an active environment.



Hot Brass Ammunition cartridges and Hot Brass™ Apparel are meticulously crafted for women, providing the desired comfort to elevate performance at the range.

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Engage in a sport that presents opportunities to bolster confidence, enabling women to embrace new challenges and maintain control in dynamic environments.

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Hot Brass Ammunition creates ideal conditions for customers to enhance self-control in stimulating environments and active settings.

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Resources for Women

Armed Women of America is a non-profit organization uniting women across the country in monthly gatherings, dedicated to practicing, learning, and growing as shooters.


Maintain Control & Maintain Accuracy

Our mission is to empower women by offering opportunities to boost confidence and maintain control in active and dynamic settings.